“Every good gift and perfect gift is form above, coming down from the Father of lights.” James 1:17

It’s my grandson’s first Christmas, and although he is not going to remember it, I am so excited!  As I was shopping for Christmas gifts for Joel, I researched the best toys for a five-month-old, trying to find something that would stimulate his curiosity and help him meet developmental milestones.  I carefully weighed my options and picked out a few gifts I thought he would love.  Terry wrapped his gifts, and I cannot wait for Joel to open them.

Photo Credit by Margaret Collins

Jesus, too, received gifts, and even if the wise men had done research, I am sure they could not have made all the connections to the significance of the gifts they chose.  As they worshiped the newborn king, they presented gold, frankincense, and myrrh to Mary and Joseph.  They would have known that each of these gifts signified royalty, deity, and consecration.  They might have even known how each of these gifts would have been used in the temple where the Hebrew people worshiped.  But they would not have understood that Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection would fulfill the symbolic uses of these gifts.  Furthermore, what the wise men could not predict is how these gifts were likely used.  Some commentaries have surmised that Joseph’s financial status was such that to escape to Egypt, he likely would have had to sell these gifts.  Think about this: the gifts were sold to save the greatest gift given to mankind.  Even more astounding, these gifts were presented by non-Jewish men, setting the stage for a salvation that was for everyone!  The research I have done for these blog posts has convinced me more than ever of the sovereignty of God.  Just like I spent time researching gifts for Joel, God even more perfectly designed every detail of the greatest gift of all, the birth of Jesus!

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