“He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19

About a year and half ago, I made the decision to start writing my blog.  I wanted to write about my stage of life, share how I was handling my transitions and reveal some of the insights I was gaining from the Lord.  I had no idea if anyone would read it, whether my writing was good enough, or even how long I would write.  I just felt God prompting me to be vulnerable, to share in real time some things I was going through and maybe be a voice of encouragement to others.

Vulnerability is hard.  It is easier to come from a place of expertise or to draw conclusions when you are on the other side of situations.  It is harder to be in the middle of messiness and share in real time some of the transitions you are going through.  I can speak from experience how to raise toddlers, looking back on things I did well and the things I wish I could do over.  It is harder to share some mistakes I made raising my teenagers and helping them to transition into adulthood because those mistakes are fresh.  It is easy to talk to young married couples and share with them how you adapted to married life.  It is harder to share that in the middle of your marriage you hit some rough patches and what you are learning.  It is easy to share pictures of the end of the journey of the weight loss, but harder to share that you are still struggling with losing the last 15-20 pounds.

Brene’ Brown, one of the leading researchers on vulnerability, says, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”  This perspective on vulnerability is life giving.  It gives you the freedom to make changes, to attempt new things and to possibly fail.  In the spirit of vulnerability, I am sharing a few updates in my life and for Graceful Transitions.

For starters, I really had hoped to have my book, God’s restoration of my life from childhood abuse, completed this fall.  A few weeks ago, I felt the pressure of this self-imposed deadline looming over my shoulder.  Writing about my childhood trauma has made me aware of some unresolved issues that I still need to process.  That does not mean that I cannot sill write a book, because I believe restoration has happened on a large scale.  But to write the book well, honoring God and my story, I am going to give myself more time.

Next, I want to acknowledge that May was Mental Health Awareness month by being transparent about my life.  Currently, I am looking to do some more therapy to help me process some of these unresolved issues.  Solid Christian therapy should not be stigmatized within the church community.  Instead, it is an acknowledgement that sometimes you need an outside source to help you navigate difficult situations.  I pray that my honesty helps others to be reach out for help, whether it’s within your church community, or outside through formal therapy.

The next issue I want to be transparent about is that with some recent stresses in my life, I found myself going to back to some old habits related to food.  I seem to be looking for comfort in food again, occasionally overindulging.  Although I’ve gotten back on track, I need to examine this in my life and reaffirm that my satisfaction needs to be found in God.  To help resolve this, I am going to reread Full: Food, Jesus and the Battle for Satisfaction by Asheritah Cuicui.  I had thought about doing an online book club this summer through my blog and this book seems to be the perfect place to start.

Friends, this leads to a few opportunities for you.  First, for the next two weeks, if you subscribe to my blog through the link below, one lucky subscriber is going to win a free copy of Asheritah CuiCui’s book mailed directly to your home.  That’s right, you will win a free book!  I promise not to use your email address for anything else but to send my blog post directly to your email and occasionally some updates.  I encourage you to stop reading right now and click on this link.

Ok, if you are done subscribing, read on!  Summer seems to be one of the most natural times to start new healthy habits, so, on June 28, I am going to share with you real time some of my insights as I reread Full: Food, Jesus and the Battle for Satisfaction.  I will be creating a Facebook group in which readers can discuss passages, ask questions, and share some insights on what they have learned.  This Is not a diet plan, but instead it is on opportunity to understand your relationship with food.  There will be no shame or condemnation, just a safe place to share, encourage, and process the book.  Look for more information in the next few days on my Facebook page and Instagram.  I cannot wait for you to join me!

 I want to thank you all for reading and sharing my blog.  I have had a lot of you reach out to me and share how this blog has impacted you.  I am truly humbled that my words have made an impact and consider my writing a ministry that God is using to bring Him glory.  Thank you so much!!!

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