“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Last week, I went with Maggie to finalize the floral arrangements for her wedding. We entered the store appropriately named “Cheerful Flowers and Gifts.” Everything about the store exuded joy. The perky shop owner sparkled when she talked about ranunculus and poppies as she asked my daughter questions. The store smelled like sunshine and was filled with beautiful, curated items, like illustrated Bibles, delightful cards, and sweet-smelling lotions and candles. I was enchanted with her as she talked about how she will awaken the flowers if needed so that they are open and full as Maggie walks down the aisle. She said she will even move them into sunshine so that they are blooming their best. This is different from flowers she carries in her store. These flowers are best wrapped up with close buds so that when they drink in your water from home and face your sunshine, they unfold and create beauty in your space.

This month is a busy one for our family. Maggie just packed her belongings and has moved into her first apartment. When this blog posts, we will have thirty days until the wedding. In between those thirty days, we have two family birthdays, Mother’s Day, and a whole lot of ice cream to be made for the wedding. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple years talking about simplifying life, setting healthy boundaries, and being fully present. I have also written a lot about living a healthier lifestyle. This doesn’t just include habits related to food and exercise. It is also includes reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and making sure I am spending time with things that feed my soul, which include my daily prayer and Bible reading.

These past few weeks, I have been neglecting some of the daily disciplines that keep me healthy, whole, and full. I want to be fully present, blooming like the flowers in my daughter’s bouquet on the day of the wedding. But when I neglect those disciplines that keep me filled, I am likely to hang on to stress and end up being exhausted and wilted the day of her wedding. Therefore, I was examining things that I can take off my plate to simplify my life. I absolutely love writing my blog, it inspires and fulfills me, but it requires a lot of my time and attention. A typical blog post can take me twelve to fourteen hours to research, write, and post. So, readers, I am taking a short sabbatical for the next month. I am going to repost some old blogs and maybe even pose some questions or thoughts on my Graceful Transitions Facebook page.

My daughter’s wedding comes only once, and I have a lot of out-of-town friends and families coming to celebrate this moment with us. I want to be rested, fully present, and blooming just like the flowers in Maggie’s bouquet. I will be back the week of June 12! I hope you all have blessed May!!!

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